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The Montana is one of the most popular small cabins. This model has aprox 140 ft² in the cabin and just under 100 ft² covered deck with railings and a full floor system. It has  double wide entry door and single wide window in the front wall and a double wide window on the side wall. The versatile model can have the front wall reversed during assembly and the side window and be assembled on the left or right side. The covered deck area is ideal for outdoor relaxing.

Improve the comfort by adding insulation to the roof and insert insulation between the floor joists before installing the flooring and you have a great cabin.

This model can be assembled in 2 days by 2 people.


  • 1-5/8″ (40mm) thick pre-cut interlocking wall logs
  • treated floor beams
  • 3/4″ T&G flooring with base trim
  • 3 pre assembled gable ends
  • trims for interior & exterior of door & windows
  • decorative double wide wood door c/w hardware & keys
  • removable wood grills for door & windows
  • 1 single wide wood window
  • 1 double wide wood window
  • deck railings & posts
  • treated deck floor boards
  • roof beams
  • 3/4″ T&G roof boards
  • fascia boards
  • wooden storm straps

Montana 235sq ft

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